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About Us

Sydney Soy CandlesTM was established in 2009 to fill a niche market for quality handmade eco-friendly candles.

Sydney Soy CandlesTM was created with the environment and our customers front of mind. 

All our candles feature extended shelf-life and are hand made from soybean oil blended with natural botanical oils then fragranced with essential oils and fragrances. All our candles burn longer than parrafin, beeswax or palm oil and throw more scent during the burning process than many candles available in retail stores.

All our candles are made from non-petroleum plant-based wax which is biodegradable being derived from renewable soybean crop farms. All our candles burn cleaner than parrafin, beeswax or palm oil and are tested on real people, not our furry friends.

All our candles are hand made by locally in Australia. We are a 100% wholly Australian owned small business. 

Our soy wax is a renewable product made from the plant growth of the soya bean. It does not contain any petroleum products and is water soluble making it even easier for you to clean, then reuse and/or recycle our glass and tin receptacles.

We aim to minimise our environmental footprint so we first try to reuse, rather than simply recycle. As an example, every cardboard box that makes its way onto the premises ends up as packaging, used to protect our products in transit to you. 

At the very least, all materials used in our packaging intended for postage contain a component of recycled materials, like our 30% recycled content bubblewrap.

All our candles are made from non-toxic, water soluble, soy wax, free from pesticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Material. All our candles feature cotton wicks with no lead or zinc and burn cooler than parrafin, beeswax or palm oil. All our diffusers are free from Alcohol and Dipropylene Glycol.

It all adds up to cleaner air in your home and in your lungs.


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